Metaphors considered harmful

James Bridle explored the stories we tell ourselves about technologies, and the way these stories play out in the world, both physical and digital. From electronic books to digital photographs, the architecture of the cloud, and the writing of history, simplified stories need to be messed up to stay useful.

James Bridle is a writer, publisher and technologist. James is a partner at the Really Interesting Group, a design partnership based in East London, and also creates his own projects, such as A Ship Adrift, commissioned by Artangel for their A Room for London project. He writes for publications including Wired, ICON and The Observer, where he publishes a regular column. Many of his texts are online at his own site, James is a regular speaker at technology and design conferences, such as South by South West in Austin, dConstruct in Brighton, and Lift in Geneva.   /   /   /   @jamesbridle

picture (CC) Ivo Näpflin

For further detail on James Bridle’s keynote, check his presentation slides below, listen or download the following audio recording:

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