DIY in context: From bricolaje to jugaad

What is the relationship between contemporary collaborative self-management and self-production processes and the dynamics that occur in the informal economies of emerging countries? Through the presentation of examples and case studies from Colombia, Brazil, China and India, the talk invites us to reflect on local design principles that can be relevant for new production models, alternatives to the consumer market.

Victor Viña is an interaction designer with studios at London’s Royal College of Art. Victor has taught and researched at different centres in Europe, Latin America and Asia. His work centres on the intersection between research into design, digital crafts and open networks and practices, questioning the social implications of the new technologies. In his more recent research lines he explores the innovation processes that arise in the informal economies of emerging countries.   /   @vicvina

For further detail on James Bridle’s keynote, check his presentation slides below, listen or download the following audio recording:

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DIY in Context: From Bricolage to Jugaad


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