The International Conference Open Design / Shared Creativity is near! Two weeks to go and we are ready to unveil the details of the Conference Closing Party!

After two days of intense debate with the design community about the emerging landscape of open practices and exchange that has come out of approaches such as open code, copyleft, co-creation, sharing and collaborative working, we will lead to the spectacular old brewery Fabrica Moritz to celebrate the culture of open design at its best!

During the party there will be two sets of presentations. One will be held by Alessandro Rancatti, vice president of ADI FAD. It will feature seven short presentations of projects related to open design and shared creativity:

Jose Luis de Vicente – Founder of Visualizar / MediaLab Prado

Juan Insúa – Director of the Virtual Project of the exhibition The Global Screen / CCCBLab

Nicolás Malevé – Contributor of Libre Graphics Research Unit / Constant

Enric Senabre – Founder of Goteo, a platform of Crowdfunding for the Commons / Youcoop

Barbara Barrera – Organizer of Oh!Bcn / Localcuatro

Curro ClaretIndustrial Designer /

Ramon Sangüesa – Founder of Co-Creating Cultures

The other set of presentations will be held by Alvaro Sobrino, president of ADG FAD and co-presented with the copywritters of the agency *S,C,P,F… and the following studios:

We Choose Fun

Presenting the experiment #posterdetweets:

Dorian, Art of Many, Estudio M, Hey, Toormix, David Torrents, Bisgràfic, Aitor Mendez, Guillem Pericay, Soon in Tokyo, BaseDesign and Bendita Gloria.

Presenting the experiment “Chain Creation Poster”

If you don’t want to miss any of this, join the conference as soon as possible at www.congres.fad.catRegistration is open until Thursday, June 28th. Only almost a week to go!