“From Chain Production to Chain Creation” or “Chain Poster” is an experiment we are performing at FAD in the context of the international conference Open Design / Shared Creativity that will take place on July 2nd and 3 rd at the CCCB Theatre. The conference seeks to explore and debate the emerging landscape of openess and exchange that has emerged from practices such as open code, creative commons, co-creation, relocation and collaboration.

The experiment is a practical co-creation project that consists in the creation of a poster with the participation of several designers and illustrators.

A designer/illustrator creates a first poster and uploads it into a dropbox folder. From this piece, another designer will create a new poster. This will continue among all the designers who, every time they intervene in the creation process, will have to mantain some aspect from previous posters.

The experiment will be featured in a session at the Open Design / Shared Creativity Conference in which designers will share their own experiences and impressions of the creative process. Creatives from the advertising agency *S.C.P.F, will join the event as well, as creators of the experiment. The session will take place on the evening of July 3rd at Fabrica Moritz Barcelona, as part of the closing party of the conference.

We have asked 15 graphic design studios to participate in the experiment, and we are already counting with the participation of: Bendita Gloria, Hey, Bisgràfic, David Torrents, Soon in Tokyo, Aitor Mendez, BaseDesign, Estudio M, Art of Many, Toormix, Dorian y Guillem Pericay.  In this selection we have attempted to feature the different faces of graphic design to make the experiment more complete and enriching. Even so, the experiment is open to new incorporations.

The designs are approached exclusively as experimental pieces and will not be used for any other purpose.

We hope that this will be a highly enriching experiment for everyone! Right now, we already have a good start with the first posters by Dorian and Art of Many. Let’s see how the experiment grows thanks to collaboration, remix and reutilization and don’t miss the conference!