jan boelen

Redefining Design

Design is advancing into an experimental, collaborative territory where design is employed and implemented as a tool to question and transform ideas about industrial production, public and private space, and pre-established systems and networks. The rise of networked culture and the evolving of new technologies are leading to changing concepts of authorship and ownership. The designer is no longer an all-powerful creator, but an element in a network of collaboration and influence. This new ‘openness’, together with the evolving of new technologies, will have important social and political implications and in this sense we are in fact undergoing a new cultural revolution.​

Jan Boelen (1967, Genk) graduated as Product Designer at the Media and DesignAcademy (KHLim) in Genk. He is artistic director at Z33 Hasselt and head of the Master Department Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). He is chairman of the committee for Architecture and Design of the Flemish Community. Jan Boelen founded Z33 in 2002. Z33 is a house for contemporary art. Since 2002, Z33 creates projects and exhibitions which encourage the visitor to take a different look at everyday objects. It is a unique laboratory and meeting place for experiment and innovation where one can visit groundbreaking echibitions featuring contemporary art and design. Jan made exhibitions with Raf Simons, Studio Makkink Bey, John Körmeling, Thomas Lommée, Dunne & Raby, Marti Guixé, Aldo Bakker… Alongside the exhibitions at Z33, Z33 also organizes projects in public space. On the initiative of Jan Boelen and z33 Manifesta 9 is organised in Belgium in 2012.

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