Beyond Openness

Simone Cicero dig into what does it mean today to be open, from a more holistic point of view: overcoming the open for the sake of openness approach towards a more pragmatic one, focused on meaning and impact. Beyond openness, there’s a lot of things one can do to make an open project really successful. The session seeked to define how design thinking and social entrepreneurship can help create real world stakeholders involvement – such as with public entities, corporates and communities – shape impact and inject meaning into initiatives.

Blogger and public speaker, Simone Cicero is Program Fellow for the OuiShare Fest and founder of Hopen Think Tank in Rome. He has a vast experience in services and consumer electronics industry, he’s Lean coach with deep experiences in adapting agile approaches to non-software centric contexts. Simone also runs workshops for strategy co-creation, product and service design, and more. He also works a lot with Open Source Hardware and Distributed Manufacturing business models and strategies. Indeed he’s Co-Chair of the Open Source Hardware Summit 2014 and International Branches Chair at Open Source Hardware Association.     @meedabyte