Turning Excel forms into erotic lyrics

Although data is the new buzzword, data can be harsh, unless you get the Streamers to visualize it for you. Domestic Data Streamers are the cool kids on the busy block of data visualization. For them, there’s no need for code to make data visible and understandable, it only takes an enthusiast team and a few balloons to blow your mind.

Domestic Data Streamers is a team of designers and researchers from Barcelona. They develop and propose new methods of visualization centered in co-creation and interaction based on local language and a hands-on experience. They create real time data installations in spaces, interacting with the people and that which surrounds them to count things and explain them visually. Their speciality: Turning Excel forms into erotic lyrics. Their influences: Roald Dahl, Chuck Palaniuk and Donald Norman. Relationship status: Complicated. Life expectancy: Die young and leave a pretty corpse.