REFF. A global fake institution for the systematic reinvention of reality by AOS – Art is Open Source

REFF is a fake cultural institution enacting real policies for arts, creativity and freedoms of expression all over the world. REFF was born in Italy in 2008. Since then it continuously operated using fake, remix, reinvention, recontextualization, plagiarism and reenactment as tools for the systematic reinvention of reality. Defining what is real is an act of power. Being able to reinvent reality is an act of freedom. REFF promotes the dissemination and reappropriation of all technologies, theories and practices that can be used to freely and autonomously reinvent reality.

AOS (Art is Open Source), is the diary of the activities of xDxD.vs.xDxD / Salvatore Iaconesi and penelope.di.pixel / Oriana Persico. They use technology, communication, performance, art and design to instantiate emotional actions and processes that are able to expose the dynamics of our contemporary world. They do this in academic, artistic, business and activist domains and, actually, they are focused on moving fluidly among each of these spaces.   /   /   @xdxd_vs_xdxd   /   @romaeuropafake

Audio and video files not available yet.