Combinatory arts, a collective working platform

The paper will start from a specific case: The Combinatory Arts (A place of education, exhibition and investigation) project that will place within the reach of visitors the documentary collection of the institution through a space at its headquarters and a web platform, as well as through new productions adapted to digital media. The objective of the Foundation is to preserve and disseminate the relevant documents and materials of the museum as well as the educational resources, in order to at the same time facilitate investigation and experimentation in contemporary art and the work of Antoni Tàpies.

The Director of the Antoni Tàpies Foundation of Barcelona, Laurence Rassel has been a member of Constant, a not-for-profit association based in Brussels from 1998 to 2008. Constant develops, among other themes, a work of investigation revolving around feminist thought and artistic practices as well as a work of critical analysis on intellectual property in the sphere of new technologies. Between 2001 and 2006 Rassel was the coordinator of projects for ADA, a network of Belgian training centres for women that promotes knowledge of new technologies as a tool for integration.   /

 Video, audio and presentation slides pending availability.