Why the world will be co- or will not be

It is fascinating to be the witness to something that is emerging without quite knowing what it is or why it occurs, and even more so when you are not only a witness but also an involuntary protagonist. This is exactly what is happening with our society and our economy, which are affected by a powerful but almost imperceptible change that will lead them from the dominion of the individual (me) to the conviction of the collective (we). Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and still busy digesting a huge crisis stoked by greed and the insatiable credit of a consumer society, lots of experiences are emerging in the world with the common denominator of collaboration. Whether in the personal (collaborative consumption), organisational (intersection of businesses) or social sphere (activist citizens), what is emerging is the power of “multiplication” of the assets that share in the system. In an era marked by the fascination of the networks (the internet, social networks, globalisation), the key lies in realising that what is relevant is not the nodes (the neurons) of the web but the connections (the synapses).

Alfons Cornella is the founder and president of Infonomia, an innovation services businesses and a source of ideas, since 2000, for a network of thousands of inquiring minds. He has published 18 books as well as more than 1,000 articles on science, technology and innovation as the motors that transform businesses. He is a consultant of major Spanish companies and has directed more than 100 projects on culture or the dynamising of innovation in organisations. Through his conferences and seminars on innovation he personally transmits his ideas and experiences on “how the best people innovate” to around 15,000 people annually. Founder in 2009 of Co-society, an initiative for stimulating the systematic business intersection between companies from disparate sectors. Author of Future Present: 101 ideas for understanding the next few decades (2005), The Alchemy of Innovation (2007) co-authored with Antonio Flores, Visionomics, 50 ideas and sketches on the new dynamic of organisations (2010), 25/50 Two generations, a single time, co-authored with Berta Segura (2011) and The solution begins with co- (2012).

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