Fab Lab Network: distributed and collective intelligence

The Fab Lab Barcelona is one of the principal labs in the worldwide network of Fab Labs, manufacturing and innovation workshops on a small scale equipped with digital manufacturing machines and technologies for the production of objects, tools and electronic devices. The Fab Labs explore the relation between the digital and physical worlds. They began as an extension project of the Bits and Atoms Centre of MIT and have become a worldwide network of people investigating the popularisation of a new production mode that will affect our lives at all levels: from the professional world of design, architecture or industrial production to the domestic sphere, with the introduction of personal manufacture into our quotidian lives.

Tomas Díez is a Venezuelan urban planner specialising in Digital Manufacture (Fab Academy). He currently directs the Fab Lab project at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and coordinates the global Fab Academy programme offered by the Fab Labs network on a worldwide scale. He is part of the international team driving forward the Fab Labs and Informalism and Smart Cities by Smart Citizen programmes. He investigates the use of digital tools in the transformation of reality and the search for a more fluid language between machines and humans on different scales, from micro-controllers to cities.

www.fablabbcn.org    /    @fablabbcn

For further detail on Tomas Diez keynote, check his presentation slides below, listen or download the following audio recording:

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