david costa

Empathetic Economy meets Open Design

We do not realize but we have the vices of the market economy so internalized that when David Costa talked to us about the empathetic economy we were touched. Through various experiences in different sectors, Costa reminded us that there is another way to put value to things and to get good economic results in a more sustainable and fair way for all.

Topographer engineer, biologist by vocation and interested in management and innovation, David Costa was educated at different faculties such as the UB, the UPC and the UOC. After holding down several jobs, in 2007 he became a serial entrepreneur with the aim of transferring models of recognized success from one sector to another. The results of this go from a topography company that applies Toyota’s production systems to the drafting of plans, to a theatre production company that applies Stigliz’s asymmetric information theories, to an urban mobility software company specialized in creating management systems for vehicle fleets inspired in the survival and organization model of fungi. The factor common to all these projects is a suite of tools developed in accordance with the “empathetic economy” system of which Costa is a fervent defender and promoter, convinced of its capacity to generate good results in any sector and activity.