Critical Design Meets Openness  //  Hacking Bullipedia

Co-design, co-creation and cross-disciplinary thinking are concepts that are easy to talk about, but still difficult to apply. Not so for Ramon Sanguesa, a strong defendant, active promoter and everyday user of these techniques through mutiple and interesting projects, like Hacking Bullipedia, the one he shared with us.

Ramon also chaired the Open Critical Design Session.

Ramon Sangüesa is one of La Mandarina de Newton foundrs who has promoted the area co-creation, co-design and, broadly, participation and hybridization content, formats and disciplines. Some projects in this area would be Kukuxumusu Relocated (organizational aesthetics and organizational design), Talentlab (participatory design at the intersection of research and education) or HackingBullipedia (crowdosourcing and creativity). Ramon Sangüesa is a professor at UPC, research affiliate at the Center for Innovation and Organization of Stategic Innocation Lab Fellow of the Ontario College of Art and Design.

www.lamandarinadenewton.com      www.hackingbullipedia.org