FADfest Barcelona Desing Festival

What’s the impact of digital technologies, the potential of the internet and of social media on the creative professions? Although we’ve been immersed in them for what feels like a long time now, and a generation of digital natives is already starting to make its mark in the creative industries, the pace of change is absolutely furious. Every single day, somewhere, someone is discovering a completely new way of doing something – and telling us about it right away.
We believe that the best way to ride the wave is to share the ride – and that openness, transparency and collaboration are what will turn a technological capability into a social asset.
The Open Design / Shared Creativity Conference (ODSC) is a space where we meet up once a year to reflect and debate on the potential of the brave new world that we’re all creating together, to explore the opportunities and the challenges it brings, and share ideas and experiences.
Join us on June 30th and July 1st 2014 for a new edition of the conference. We’re already working hard to make ODSC14 more interactive and collaborative than ever, and we look forward to hearing from you. Tell us what you’d like to see or who you’d love to hear from, drop us a line if you’re doing something we should know about, and share any suggestions about how best to engage with each other during the event.
See you soon,
Viviana Narotzky
Conference Director
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FAD. Fostering Arts and Design