ADI-FAD’s ‘The Making Of…’ is one of our longest-running activity formats. It consists of three micro-conferences, united by a common theme chosen by a product designer and a representative of the manufacturing company. These conferences show us firsthand the process behind  a marketed product, from conception to manufacturing and marketing. It is a meeting point between the designer and the producer with the interested public, in which they share their experiences in product development.

Three products are presented at each conference. Each project has a 20-30 minute presentation, where the two speakers (company and designer) talk about topics directly related to the product or project, referring to what is not seen, the process (making of). During the presentation we can see the process: sketches, demos, models, first pieces, finished pieces, everything that can provide information about the piece. These presentations allow a more careful assessment of the influence of design on different productive sectors, as well as the impact of this discipline on lifestyles, technological culture, the use of public space, consumption habits of people or the environment.

You can see the video summary of the latest edition HERE.

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Latest editions (2012-2015):

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v.36 The packaging univers . Borja Martínez (Lo Siento) and Xevi Ramon (Triticum) / Isabel Tabarini (Graphic Design and structural packaging) / Toni Clariana (Magma Design)
v.35 Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2015 . Salvi Plaja and Gonzalo Batista (Simon Design and Fluvia), Clara Romaní (Kigali Chair Project) / Pau Borràs and Josep Ferrando (Figueras International Seating)

v.34 Delta Selection. Miguel Milà and Mia Serra (Santa&Cole), Josep Aregall (Metalarte) / Jesús Gasca (STUA)
v.33 Design for the Home (Maison&Objet) . Núria Bitria and Jordi Purrà (Teixidors), Barbara Lehmann (Cassina) / Andreu Carulla and Pere Giró (Londji)
v.32 DEMO. Saúl Baeza and Raquel Llaberia (The Hunch Project), BlueStar Silicones and Javier Peña (Materfad) / Raquel Quevedo and Kentaro Terajima / Miquel Mora

v.31 From here to there. Albert Adami (Rabasa) and Jordi Tamayo (Enciclika) / Elies Torres / Oleguer Solà (Magma Design) and Fernando Tellechea (Integral Design and Development)
v.30 Sports. Maria Carrasco (RS Barcelona) and Toni Pallejà (A.P.O) / Maria Ruiz (Lagranja) and Jaume Mendieta (Lekué) / Pau Borràs (Figueras Design Center)
v.29 Small Publishers. Marc Morro (AOO) and Igor Urdampilleta (Indoors) / Martín Azúa (Numbered) / Alberto Arza and Jonàs Sala (Verkami)

v.28 Product Design Madrid. Álvaro Catalán de Ocón (Pet Lamp) / Pedro Feduchi (Imasoto) / Vicente Porres (Noviembre Estudio) and Jesús Blasco (Botes de vi Jesús Blasco)
v.27 Design for recycling. Edu Sentís (EDSE Inventiva) / Àlex Jiménez and Jon Marín (Nutcreatives) / Ernesto Segarra (Franquiz Comercial 21) / Joaquim Domingo Marín (Grassoler)
v.26 Reissues. Lluís Porqueras and Joan Gaspar (Marset) / Mireia Riera (BD Barcelona) / Miguel Milà and Nina Masó (Santa&Cole)
v.25 International Furniture Fair in Milan. Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) and Javier Pastor Castillo (Expormim) / Xavier Mañosa (Apparatu) and Javier Marset (Marset Iluminación) / Jordi Vilardell and Pere Llonch (Vibia)
v.24 Product Design Madrid. Álex Fernández Camps i Orbea / Bahí&Güell / díez+díez diseño

v.23 Kitchens. Lluís Trench and Miquel Vazquez (Taurus) / Jordi Olucha (Joan Rojeski), Alberto Arza and Mayte Lozano (Lékué) / Eric Didier (Valira) and Esther Agustench (Nomon)
v.22 Foroba Yelen: Collective light for rural Mali. Special FADfest edition with Matteo Ferroni.
v.21 Fairs: Milan and Frankfurt. Luis Eslava / Pablo Figuera (Figuera-Goula) / Elena Castaño-López (Sancal) / Lievore Altherr Molina Studio

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