In December 2012, ADI-FAD began a new project, a Christmas market of industrial design products, in collaboration with diarioDESIGN and Moritz. DesignMarket was created with the intention of establishing an annual activity to reach a wider audience, less focused on the design sector, sharing our activity and approaching industrial design for all in a fun and festive way. Another main objective has been the creation of another platform for both designers and companies with a long history, as well as for young designers and entrepreneurs to market their products.

The result is a market with a careful selection of products, which has invited some of the best studios and companies throughout Spain to sell their designs, as well as a self-produced small studies with very limited series that can be found only at DesignMarket. DesignMarket has already had three successful editions. The first one in 2012 took place at the Moritz Factory, with 35 exhibitors and 10.000 visitors in two weeks.

The second edition was held in 2013, again at the Moritz Factory, with 45 exhibitors, divided into a small object room and an “exhibition” with larger pieces. Korea was the guest country. 12.000 people visited the market in four days.

The third edition in 2014 was held at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, the new headquarters of FAD. Carried out in collaboration with the Madrid Central Design Market, it has become, thanks to the capacity of the space, a larger scale event. More than 100 exhibitors participated, exhibited in a large room of the building, accompanied by the exhibition “The Wish List”, created by the Victoria & Albert Museum of London for the London Design Festival, which contained pieces designed exclusively by leading architects and renowned designers such as Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster and Paul Smith. Concurrently in this edition a gastronomic factor was added, with food trucks located outside the building. Around 22.000 people attended the market in three days.

Given the growing interest inspired by the market, DesignMarket will become an annual activity of ADI-FAD, offering the public a fresh and close view of design.

DesignMarket 2013