DEMO. Exploring new creative processes

From ADI-FAD we intend to create a space for testing, an experimental one, from which one can observe, jointly explore and discover new ways that are emerging in the field of industrial design and manufacturing. “DEMO, Exploring new creative processes” is a festival organized about the experimental, the multidisciplinary, collaboration between the industrial and tradition, the open and the shared, the hyper-technological and the DIY, focusing on the field of product design.

In recent years, the scope of design, its objectives and processes have expanded considerably. On the one hand, new technologies have allowed variations to arise in the process of creating, developing dynamic collaborations and creating open structures in both the production and distribution of products, or incorporating connectivity directly in objects in the “Internet of things”.

On the other, recovering processes or methods that had often been outside the direct scope of industrial production – more artisanal procedures – have allowed experimentation from the field of design and self-production, among designers, programmers, artisans and makers. From these interactions projects with a strong conceptual force often emerge, exploring new ways of making, the importance of shared social values or the communicative force of objects halfway between technology, design and art.

As part of its activities, during ten days, DEMO develops a program of workshops, lectures, talks and product presentations, with the DEMO Day as the epicenter, offering the opportunity to experience and discuss new paths, approaches and technologies involved in the creative process.

You can watch the video summary of the first edition HERE.