As a partner member of ADI-FAD you can benefit from the following advantages:

/ Being part of a hundred-year-old institution, leader in Industrial Design and meeting point for leading figures in design.
/ Invitations to all events, exhibitions, conferences, awards… in design and architecture, organized by FAD and other associations.
/ The clipping: Via email you will receive a comprehensive collection of news about the sector of design and architecture.
/ Access to Mater, FAD’s Center of Materials, and assistance from technical staff.
/ Access to COAC and DHUB libraries, where the documentary collections of FAD and ADI can be found, respectively.
/ Legal advice, thanks to Clarke, Modet & Cº, who offers a free initial consultation to ADI members.
/ Consultations, experts and job bank
/ Your own listing in the Professional Directory on the FAD website www.fad.cat
/ Access to the ADI Blog to advertise your projects or to promote the activities of your institution.
Design Beats is also a social media analytics tool for companies and brands. As a member you will have: analysis about online presence on digital media specializing in design (first search free), discount on consulting and optimization of online presence, in services monitoring online conversation.
/ You will have free access to many activities organized by FAD and its associations.
/ Discounts on registration for the Delta Awards.
/ Special discounts at shops and cultural centers with FAD card.
/ You will receive several free publications, the Annual Report of FAD, exhibition catalogs, awards and more.
/ Every year you will receive a lithograph or print by an artist recognized during the Annual General Assembly of Members.
/ Preferential terms at Banc de Sabadell: free Visa card with monthly credit starting at 1.000 euros, professional account and credit policy without fees, as well as starting loan for 100% of the cost of a project.

Become a Member of ADI-FAD!