This year, for the first time, the awards regularly organized by ADI will receive this name, which encompasses the Delta Awards, ADI Medals and ADI Culture Award. The main driving force of the activities of the association since its creation in 1960 has been the Delta Awards, which were joined by the ADI Medals in 1976 to showcase the national education system. In 2016 they were joined by the ADI Culture Award, which aims to introduce and recognize projects that help promote design culture.



They have been the main driving force of the association since its inception, and, with the 38th edition, have once again become biennial. Since the first edition in 1961, the Deltas have been an important promotional channel for designers and the country’s companies and a valuable platform for public recognition.

They aim to celebrate excellence in product design. Products designed and produced by designers and companies from around the world are submitted. The jury of the Awards is international and changes every year, composed of diverse backgrounds related to the sector. Each edition of the Trophy presented to winners is created by a renowned industral designer.

Since 2011, the Delta Awards and ADI Medals have been held jointly under FADfest, an event that emphasizes Barcelona’s power and wealth in the field of design, and at an international level. All Finalist objects are shown to the public in the pages of the catalog, and they can be visited in the exhibitionBest design of the year, which brings together finalists and winners of the awards given by FAD in various disciplines of design.

Meet the winners of past editions HERE.


It aims to promote public recognition of projects that aid the development and social and conceptual updating of product design and serve to encourage dialogue, research and activity of the discipline. 2016 celebrates the first edition in the frame of the ADI Awards, intended to complement the awards for products —Delta Awards— and student projects —ADI Medals— with a new award for design culture.

An expert independent jury will confer two ADI Culture awards. The first (Career) will go to a person or project with a continuous track record that has been relevant, and the other will go to the most outstanding initiative in recent years in both cases within the scope of the call. Among the presented projects, the Selection Committee, composed of the ADI-FAD Board, will select up to 13 Finalists who then take part in the catalog and exhibition, ensuring that they are representative of the great mix of types of proposals. Of the projects submitted, many are rejected, and some are named only in the form of a list of Selected projects.

The projects are an example of the many ways of understanding, exhibiting and reflecting on design, and the Award contributes to their dissemination and recognition with the purpose of strengthening design culture. For this award, a single Trophy, intended to endure, was created by the experimental designer Diego Ramos.


The most traditional award in our country for industrial design students, established in 1976, it has convened without interruption until today. With an open theme, the call for proposals is directed at young designers and aims to help build bridges between the academic and the professional.

The selection of ten final study projects competing for the award is the task of the Selection Committee, composed of the ADI-FAD Board, which aims to represent most aspects of the discipline. Value is given to projects with a particular conceptual force, good technical resolution and/or accurate research about the problem to be solved. They share an international jury with the Delta Awards, which is responsible for deliberating on the best projects worthy of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal. The Winner of the Gold ADI Medal also receives free registration to participate in an international workshop, as well as paid commission to design the Medals of the next competition.

Meet the winners of past editions HERE.

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