Since 2012, with the push of the new secretarial team, it has been possible to begin to develop a more ambitious vision for the future and consider the incorporation and development of new projects in the portfolio of ADI-FAD activities. These new activities seek to complete and complement those already existing, the Delta Awards and ADI Medals and The Making Of…, whether by reflecting changes in the nature and practice of object design, as in the case of the DEMO Festival, or in the willingness to show support and visibility to projects that are more theoretical and reflective, as in the case of the ADI Culture Award.

We also wish to reach a more general public, both for the informative aspect as well as in order to incorporate into the nature of our activities the fact that ADI is now part of a municipal public facility. Some examples of this are the development of DesignMarket or the DEMO Seminar, featuring workshops and activities for children and families.

Another distinctive feature of these activities is their ability to serve as ideal platforms for giving visibility to the activities of young professionals, with more experimental, small series or self-produced projects.

On the other hand, The Making Of… series stands out for being educational, offering a more analytical view of product design, touching on technical, creative and commercial aspects through three micro-conferences between designer and company, with a common theme as the main focus.

Infografía activitats 2010-2015