A new edition of “The Making Of…v.41 2017 Catalonia Ecodesign Award”

The last 19th october, 2017 took place the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2017, which recognizes products, products under development and strategies of product promoting that improve the environmental behaviour along the product  life cycle.

ADI-FAD and the Catan residue agency are introducing a new edition of “The Making of…”, where there are presented the three award-winning  of the prize:

Josep Novell: Winner in the product design category. “Nespresso-comptatible pods, with organic coffee and fully compostable ” of CAFES NOVELL S.A.

Pablo Twose and Alberto Twose: Chosed in the product design categroy with the LAMP “Lamp It, «lampaditza» the object that you wish” of TWOBO ARQUITECTURA .

Curro Claret and Otto Canalda: Awarded in the strategy category  with the project Collection Remix Vol.1 & Vol. 2” of BD BARCELONA DESIGN 1972 SL, with the collaboration of Ramón Úbeda Castro and Curro Claret.

“The Making Of…” is a series of conferences promoted by ADI-FAD with the aim to provide first-hand insight into the process of making a product from its initial conception through its commercialisation and experience in the marketplace.




Nespresso-comptatible pods, with organic coffee and fully compostable 

The pod is made from a polymer called Ecovio®, obtained from corn, which means it can be deposited in the container for the organic fraction of municipal waste, taking between 4 and 12 weeks to biodegrade. Both the adhesive andthe paper lid are also compostable.  It has been certified with the following seals: OK Compost, which guarantees that the packaging is biodegradable and compostable (according to European standard EN 13432), and OK Biobased, which accredits the use of renewable raw materials in the manufacture of the product. It contains certified organic coffee cultivated without the use of artificial chemical substances (additives, pesticides and herbicides).



Lamp It, «lampaditza» the object that you wish

Ceiling lamp composed of a powerful magnet and a metal lamp holder, enabling any object to be used as a lampshade and offering plenty of opportunities for creativity, decoration and upcycling. The lamp has been designed to be used with a highly energy-efficient LED light bulb.


Collection Remix Vol.1 & Vol. 2 

The Remix collections consist of stocks of discontinued materials to which designers have applied their creativity. By creating limited series, they have given each collection a cachet of exclusivity. The materials used are brass door fittings and wood from containers. The shops that distribute the items are made aware of this focus on recycling and the reuse of materials, and they in turn highlight this aspect as an added value in their customer sales strategy. The message has reached other industrial companies in the sector, which are also looking at how to reuse their obsolete stocks in order to create new products.

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Date: 05-03-2018
Location:  Palau Robert de Barcelona

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