In this year’s edition, the 36th, the jury in charge of deciding the winners of the Delta Gold and Silver Awards is comprised of Johanna Agerman Ross, founder and editor-in-chief of the international design magazine Dissegno and of the website; Tomás Alonso, industrial designer from Vigo who, in his London studio, works on design projects for furniture, products and spaces: Valérie Bergeron, architect and director of the Materfad’s materials library and this year acting as chair of the Delta Awards Jury; Jozeph Forakis, designer and thinker established in Milan and New York who works in furniture, lighting, accessories and digital products; Robert Punkenhofer, founding director of ART&IDEA and Trade Commissioner for Austria in Barcelona; Viviana Narotzky, design historian and chair of ADI-FAD; and Mike Zancan, manager in charge of establishing the subsidiary of FlosS.P.A.A in Spain and currently the National Trade Director of Anteres Iluminación of the Flos Group, decided to award the following prizes from among the 47 shortlisted entries:


Product: Headhat

Designer: Santa & Cole

Company: Santa & Cole

Description: Flexible system of pendant lamps using shades (Hats) of different sizes and materials that confer multiple uses to an ingenious light capsule (Head). The first five models are molded from ceramic and aluminum shades of simple and organic forms. This collection stands out for its adaptability, easy installation and visual comfort and warm light source.

Jury Verdict: For good resolution, because it is a simple, honest and flexible leading LED lighting one step further and get to warm to this type of lighting. By its minimalist design, which uses a classic and elegant language to incorporate new technology. Also consists of very few components which emphasizes sustainable thinking that lies behind the product and resulting in an intelligent form of production.



Product: Barbecue Gamma Caliu

Designer: Jordi Bahí and Jordi Güell

Company: bahí & güell

Description: The Caliu family is meant for experiencing and sharing love for gastronomy in an intimate environment, be it a garden or a terrace. Itmaterializes into an over-the-counter barbecue line where the style is defined by its simplicity, quality, and ease of use.

Jury Verdict: As a very complete project in all aspects, design, production, choice of materials research, which has resulted in a product with a strong identity, honest and speaks the language of the materials used. By having a clean and contemporary aesthetic but reminiscent of the tradition. For their business model, youth, entrepreneurial team and effort to work with local producers.



Product: h2o

Designer: Noviembre Estudio

Company: Botas de Vino Jesús Blasco

Description: The h2o wineskin is the reinvention of the traditional wineskin, adapting it to sport enjoyment and bringing it into urban everyday life. Available in seven colours, it is made from natural leather with an ABS stopper, and a latex interior. It has a capacity of 0.75 l. It is an innovative product that combines tradition and trendiness.

Jury Verdict: As a great example where design and craftsmanship come together to create a contemporary product. Because rescues a traditional technology and creates a sensual object, you age well and promotes, in a way, the idea of reuse and care for objects that accompany us throughout the years.



Product: Mendori + Reality Lab

Designer: Issey Miyake

Company: Artemide

Description: “IN EI” is Japanese for “shadow, shadiness, nuance”. The innovation of the 123 5 ISSEY MIYAKE project are the numbers: 1, refers to the one-piece fabric, a fiber obtained from treated PET bottles, used for each product; 2, references the 2D initial folding process; 3, evokes 3D; and 5, preceded by an empty space, the metamorphosis of forms that result in either fabric or objects.

Jury Verdict: For being especially beautiful and poetic, which commemorates the Japanese tradition of paper lamps, and an example of a good transition from fashion industrial design, obtaining a result somewhere between art and design. A piece that seeks to be sustainable with the materials used, but also other aspects such as volume, storage, transportation.

IN-EI TR 011 by Issey Miyake +  Reality Lab._1


Product: Bench B

Designer: Konstantin Grcic

Company: BD Barcelona Design

Description: Bench B is part of the Extrusions collection which makes use of aluminum extrusion as the base material for the development of various furniture pieces. It is thought of as a bench program for public and domestic use, individual or up to 8 sitter, for indoors or outdoors, with or without arm rests, upholstered or exposed aluminum extrusion.

Jury Verdict: for being an intelligent system that, through a piece extruded and two mold-made, you can get numerous variants.

Bench B


Product: Bicycle rack RIM AMB

Designer: Moisés Martínez, Mariano de Gracia and Edu Sentís 

Company: EDSE Inventiva S.L.

Description: The beach is a leisure area suggesting a kind relation with its users and their bicycles. It started with the notion of the rope, a soft to the touch and flexible element, and from the curvilinear shapes evoked by waves, and inherently present in the concept of rolling itself. The final solution adapts to the demanding needs of its location and to the manufacturing conditions available.

Jury Verdict: Not trying to be a universal solution, and adapt to a specific context in a fun way, giving similar to that of a padlock on a bike and providing flexibility in the field of furniture and with an affordable price.

Aparca bicicletas RIM AMB


Product: Slim

Designer: Josep Lluscà

Company: Fluvià Concept

Description: Based on LED technology, the new SLIM collection represents technological innovation and high lighting performance, applied to a wide range of light fittings for spaces and work areas. Slim is based on a conduit or lighting module, with clean and pure geometric shapes, giving rise to different flexible and versatile applications which offer optimum spread of lighting for every application.

Jury Verdict: For its elegant and beautiful, its flexibility and adaptability to different environments and applications. It is a modular element which takes care of all the details, including the execution of the joints.



Product: Control panel

Designer: Loop

Company: INDRA

Description: A complex skeletal structure defines the personality of this stackable chair and defines it as an almost sculptural object, that despite its nakedness, turns out to be warm and inviting due to its shape and the natural materials used in its construction. The structure, devoid of edges, radiates such strength and stability that it seems to emerge from the ground rather than being supported by it.

Jury Verdict: By emphasizing that the design can be done in a critical area, such as security of the people. To make a good integration of digital control invisible in a physical object, giving great ergonomics and adaptability to help maintain the high level of concentration required work. Through the integration of the various parts in a single device easily accessible for maintenance and upgrade.



Product: Cabinet

Dessigner: Gerard Arqué i Miquel Tejero

Company: Boo in Barcelona

Description: Cabinet is a modular drawer that is flexible and adaptable to different environments and can be used as a side table, a bureau or chest of drawers, depending on its configuration. Friendly and comfortable, its trapezoidal shapes provide stack ability. The set consists of a beech wood box with a push opening system, exterior and front in anodized aluminum, and a steel structure.